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Born in Liverpool, England ...... with 2 sons and 3 grandchildren ..

........ went to a dance school at the age of 16 to learn ballroom.

Tony started line dancing after talking to a member of a health club and following up with a visit to a local line dance class

His interest in choreography started when he rewrote some stepsheets for his instructor.

He soon began to choreograph his own dances and formed the Western Swing dance club in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK

After  instructor  training for line and couples dancing with John Sandham and Malcolm Owen he qualified formally as an top level instructor with UK’s Best Western Dance Association.  

His dances  have been published in many different publications with Bad Reputation, When Love’s Right, and What’s On The Bar winning  awards in major choreography competitions judged by top names in the dance community

Tony and Lana Harvey Wilson met and married in the UK and now live in Tucson Arizona .

They have toured extensively round the UK, Finland, Canada and Australia  visiting and teaching at dance classes  

Tony and Lana  co-choreograph line and couples dances and teach together  at their regular line dance and couples classes at various RV and retirement resorts in Tucson.

We  are team leaders for Couples and Line dancing at Tucson’s major night spot The  Cactus Moon, and event directors for  the popular  annual Tucson Country Fiesta Dance event in Tucson.

We help local dance teams train for display and exhibitions


Tony Wilson



It all started in l986 when I talked a girlfriend into going to a class I saw listed in the newspaper – Country Line Dancing by Mariella Patterson affiliated with Boot Kickers International. I started in Beginners and worked my way to Advanced Class and Performing Team. We became the Dry Gulch Dancers in 1989.   I started choreographing dances in l988 and instructing in l990.  My dances have traveled around the world in dance magazines on the internet.   

My dances have won several awards at major choreography competitions.

I started teaching line dance full time 1996.  I toured  the UK and Netherlands, 1998 and 2000 teaching at several line dance classes.  I met Tony on the second tour when I taught at his class and at a workshop he put on for me.   We were married in January 2001 in the UK.  He is now a permanent resident here and we live in Tucson.   We have taught line dance at events in the U.S. Canada, Australia and the UK.

Tony and I teach line dance together.  We 4 day classes and one Evening class.  We teach dancers from basic beginner through advanced intermediate.  We are also the instructors for the

Cactus Moon Cafe in Tucson.  I was an elementary school teacher and now enjoy teaching others to do something that has been so much fun for me!

My favorite country artist is Alan Jackson and I have written several dances to his music.  I have written close to 150 line dances, several with Tony.  I have had dances published in Country Dance Lines, Step By Step and Up Country and Linedancer Magazine in the UK.  You can find our dances on our website and on many other dance websites - Information Super Dance Floor, Country Time, Dancin' Deep In The Heart of Texas, Linedancermagazine, and Kickit.

Line dancing has been very good to me.  It has allowed me to make many friends in many places around the world.  

Lana Wilson